Bible Memory for Little Contenders

Putting on the Whole Armour of God—A Lesson These Boys Won’t Soon Forget!

What began as a Scripture memory achievement exercise (Ephesians 6:10-18) for our group soon expanded into a project to include the crafting and “putting on” of all the elements of God’s armour!

Our small group of six boys are in the Little Contender and Contender age groups and one 12-year-old young man who serves as an assistant to the adults.  All are the brothers of girls in our Keepers group.


THE BELT OF TRUTH The belt is simply leather grained vinyl.  Since the back on the vinyl was a cloth-like material, we were able to fold over the outside edges and secure them the full length of the back with hemming tape.  The material was cut wide enough so that when folded over it is fully enclosed.  The ‘belt buckles’ are cut-outs of foam board, painted and adorned with large cloth  “J” letters.  The belts are all approximately the same length and fitted together at the back joint with stick-on Velcro.  The gold medallions are pieces from a treasure game.


HELMET OF SALVATION  The shells were purchased from a ‘surplus’ store and painted gold.  The crown is the working end of dollar store brooms.  Kerfs were cut in the broom’s base material to provide increased flexibility when bending to fit over the crown of the shell.  The broom’s base material also proved sufficiently substantial to allow for screwing them from inside the shell.


GOSPEL OF PEACE  The ‘shods’ for the feet are cut out of plastic milk cartons and painted metallic.  The tie strings are woven cotton yarn which tend to unravel when cut.  We melted some wax and dipped the ends into it.  When cooled this makes threading through the holes in the shods much easier.


BREASTPLATE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, SHIELD OF FAITH AND SWORD OF THE SPIRIT  Our original intent was to design these ourselves and cut them out of foam board.  However we found the dollar store versions of these items to be very attractive and completely acceptable to our purpose.  Adding the lettering on the molded surface of the breastplate and shield proved difficult and unsatisfactory.  To solve this problem we put the lettering on strips of felt first, then placed the strips on the two pieces with spray-on adhesive.  This worked really well.

The pictures attached show most of the detail discussed, however our first full dress rehearsal is scheduled for this coming Monday, April 5 and additional follow-ups will be forwarded after that.  Our plan is to have the boys dressed in the whole armour and to recite the verses at our awards banquet scheduled for late May.  (Nicholson, GA)

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