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Joy of Needle Felting

Felted Animals

Felted Animals

We did needle felting last spring with our girls, and little did we know how much they would like it, and that they would simply take off on their to create more and more needle felt projects.  The girls made pin cushions.

Recently, Jeff and I went to a birthday party for one of our younger granddaughters, Lizzie.  The siblings usually make presents for each other, and I was totally amazed at all the needle felt animals Lizzie received.  These animals were soft and very nice and quite realistic for children to have made.  The brothers and sisters had worked through a book on needle felt animals and were just delighted to show me the book.  I was amazed at the level of instructions.  Here, I, as an adult had thought, “Who would want to do this?”   My grandchildren loved doing it, and a couple are going to purchase a felting loom, and I didn’t even know they made such things!

Pin Cushions

Pin Cushions

What can I say about all this?  Crafting sparks creativity.  Crafting teaches a child to follow directions, and see something begin with a few basic materials and turn into something quite delightful.  All of them spend an occasional afternoon needle felting.  They make gifts and they are teaching other children how to do it.  How wonderful!  Children teaching children!  Can it get better than that?  Oh, and I must be honest, one of them taught me how to needle felt snowflakes!  Grandkids teaching Grandma!  Now, that’s good, isn’t it?

Wool Pets

Wool Pets

We have added that wonderful book to our selection of needle felting goodies.  We have also added wool roving in a number of colors as well as a simple tool.  You can view all here.




Note Cards

Note Cards

Note Cards

Some have written to ask about making these beautiful note cards.  They are very easy to make and the girls just loved them.  I have several for myself.  It is always nice to have something pretty close by and what could be better than having a Bible Scripture always near to help us memorize God’s Word and also have the Scripture as a reminder to us of God and His ways!

One large clothespin is needed.  Simply cut two sheets of paper to the exact size of the clothespin.  Glue in place.  Next decorate the clothespin with ribbon, pretty buttons, dried flowers, or whatever embellishments you have on hand.  Our very pretty note cards were by Annalee.  They seem to be out of print at this time, but you could also create your own pretty cards by taking a plain note card and gluing or taping a pretty paper on the card.  A paper which is light in color would work well.  Rubber stamps could also be used to decorate the top or bottom of card.


Calligraphy . . . A Variety of Ways to Use It


Calligraphy is an inexpensive way to make just about anything look more special, elegant, and festive.  Anyone can learn it.  It is easy!  It just takes practice, and soon it will become a lifelong skill.  Christina Brown and her daughters did a wonderful job teaching this skill to their Keepers group.  You can read about it below.

If you do not know how to do this, but would like to teach your group, take a few hours to learn it and practice it a bit, and then you will be ready to teach.  It is that simple!  A great book for beginners on calligraphy is First Steps in Calligraphy. This is a comprehensive book teaching the basics of calligraphy.  We also have calligraphy sets and calligraphy markers. For more information click here.  



Christina Brown and her daughter Jessica and Abigail hosted this meeting. I discussed the word calligraphy and how it means beautiful writing. We talked about the history of calligraphy considering pictographs and Egyptian Hieroglyphics; how it flourished in the middle Ages, and how calligraphy became less used when the printing press was invented, and why it was revitalized in the 19th century.

I gave examples of different types of calligraphy, care of tools, types of ink and pens. We also perused strokes, hand positions, and Calligrams.

We discussed rules, correct position, and posture and spacing. We also talked about tips: allowing yourself to make mistakes, extension of your pinkie finger and why this helps, how tracing isn’t cheating, working with a rhythm, patience, and practice, practice, practice!

 I showed the girls several different books about calligraphy and the different alphabets they could choose from. We also discussed examples on how you can use calligraphy in your life and ways to make money through calligraphy.


The first project was to write the alphabet of their choice. We discussed the different styles available and what they had seen using these styles or what it made them think about. Some were more ornate than others, and the girls didn’t just pick the easiest. I had the girls do the lower case alphabet and then the upper case alphabet.

As it was just before Valentines Day, the girls each made a Valentine’s Card, for someone special, with a Bible verse in it about Love. The girls each picked a verse and wrote it in the calligraphy alphabet of their choice. They decorated these with scrapbooking paper, supplies, stickers, etc.

The girls were sent home with instruction on reading one calligraphy book of their choice and another project they were to complete at home which was a sign for their door, stating for example, ‘Christina’s Room’ written in the calligraphy alphabet of their choice.

The girls had a great time. Afterwards, my youngest daughter was using calligraphy in thank you notes and story covers. She even noticed calligraphy at our city’s newspaper on the wall. (Charlotte, NC)


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Amazing Watercolor Pencils

Watercolor Pencils are the neatest things!  I have had a few of my own, but really haven’t done too much with them until I saw how a friend was using them to illustrate books.  In fact, her artwork was so wonderful that we asked her to update some of our covers for our KOF reprints.  At any rate, you can use these pencils to draw and paint, with your rubber stamping projects, on your scrapbooking pages, with lapbooking, and more.

They are so easy to use, that I blessed my grandchildren with sets of their own.  We now have these in stock, along with a teaching DVD on how to use them.  I have personally watched the DVD and found it helpful and also, more importantly, safe for a child’s viewing.

See these items below.  They are really at a great price!



Click here for more information about these and other watercolor products.

Watercolor Tools and DVD










The Joy of Baking Together and Decorating Cakes Too!

Are you looking for ways to involve your children with the holiday preparations?  Give them good tools, baking supplies, a lesson or two, and turn them loose in your kitchen to do your holiday baking.  Let them bake yummy goodies for the widows in your church, or some needy children, or a struggling family.  Let them bake the desserts for your holiday dinner or company.  One of the keys to building a close family is to involve your children in all that you do and in all that is going on.  The children will be blessed to learn how to bake wonderful goodies, how to serve others, and be a genuine part of the team.  Start now to build a “baking tradition” this holiday!

We love products from Wilton because they are professionals and their products are topnotch.  We’ve perused quite a number of products, and the ones we have chosen will work very well for those who are just beginning to dabble in the very creative art of cake decorating or for those needing a little aid to higher skills.  Truly, you can become a professional cake decorating by simply following the instructions.  Cake decorating and baking in general can also turn into a small home business for your girls, and yes, boys too! Click here for more information on these products.

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Cake Decorating—The Most Fun!

The cake decorating badge is one of the most fun badges our Keepers at Home girls have ever completed! We visited a local bakery for a tour. A friend of ours who is a baker and caterer came to our home and taught us about 8 cake decorating lessons, which included everything from lining the cake pan with waxed paper to making stars with royal icing to using her “Viva” paper towel trick to get the buttercream icing’s picture-perfect finish! After each meeting, there was lots of icing to clean up. In fact, some of it is probably still sticking around(!), but all of the girls and mothers have so many wonderful memories of the fun times learning to decorate cakes together.

At our awards banquet at the end of the year, each girl brought a cake that she baked and decorated, and we gave them all away to parents and grandparents in a fun cake walk! (Nicholson, GA)

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