What Do I Teach?

Teaching Lessons

Teaching Lessons

As parents, teachers, and leaders, we are often faced with this question “What shall I teach the children?”  Most Sunday schools do a wonderful job of teaching Bible doctrines and teaching about the Bible in general.  I like to focus my teaching time on practical Christian living, so I like to observe the children and see what their needs are.  Are they exhibiting selfishness, are they rude, loud, critical, impatient, proud, mean, bold?  Or perhaps they are a little gossipy, or fearful, or lazy, or do not do their jobs well.  Thus, they may have asked Jesus into their hearts, but they have a lot to learn about the Christlike life.

Pray over your list, the  list you have made from your observations, and ask the Lord to help you select one topic.  Once you have selected a topic, keep praying over it, and begin to formulate your lesson.  This is how I do it.

*  Select the behavior (or lack thereof) that you feel a lesson might help.  Perhaps use a skit or a short story to illustrate it.  The children must see what is wrong.

*   Name the sin or sins that prompt the behavior.

*   Find Scriptures to clearly teach what God has to say about this sin and behavior.

*    Stress the seriousness of the sinful behavior.

*   Give clear examples of how to forsake this sinful behavior so the children can focus on following more closely their Saviour.  This is important because we can teach against bad behavior, but if we do not give remedies or new ways of behaving, we are not really helping the children as much as we could.  Always include many positive ways of improving behavior.

*    Review the lesson and encourage the children to memorize the Scripture and then pray together.

Keepers has free lessons on the website.  They are here.

Also, we have a lesson book entitled Lessons in Practical Christianity, Volume 1 .  This book includes many of the free lessons in it.  This is a valuable tool because you can have it where and when you need it, as well as take your time to peruse it.  The second volume is in the works.